Photos from Paul’s Wedding + a Quick Re-cap


Okay, you can see the pictures from Paul’s wedding, along with a few from the BNL concert at Pine Knob and my cousin Jake’s graduation party, here.

QUICK RE-CAP: The wedding was a lot of fun. It was a small-ish ceremony (about 100-150 people), but just the right size. Paul and his groomsmen set the tone by walking out with fake Fu Manchu mustaches. Of course, they quickly discarded them before Rochelle started walking down the aisle.

The ceremony was short and sweet. The minister read these rather lengthy explanations that Paul and Rochelle had written about why they were marrying each other. Both of them were really cute.

There was a dessert reception in the church hall right after the ceremony, and Stefy and I stocked up on all sorts of yummy goodies. We sat next to the maid of honor’s parents during the reception, and had a nice little chat with them.

After the bridal party was done taking pictures, we finally got a chance to congratulate Paul and Rochelle in person. I was glad we got a few minutes to say hi and snap a few photos with the happy couple.

Once they were done cutting the cake and things were starting to wind down, Paul took the stage and explained how, since he wasn’t able to DJ his own wedding, he wanted to play us out with the song he usually puts on when he works at other receptions. So, he starts strumming his guitar, and as soon as I heard the first few words, I knew what he was up to: “I’ve been really tryin, baby…”

Yep, Paul sang Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get in On” in front of his blushing bride, all their guests, and… her parents.

Man-oh-man, it was bust-a-gut funny. The best part was when Paul got hung up on a lyric and asked the audience for the next line, and Stef was the one to yell it out to him! God, it was hysterical.

Anyway, Stefy and I took off shortly after Paul’s serenade, but I was really glad we stuck around long enough for the musical portion of the show. All in all we had a great time, and I was so happy that we were able to make it to Paul’s wedding.

Congratulations, buddy!



A Toot & a Snore in ‘74


Wanna hear a few cuts from the long-lost Lennon/McCartney recording session of 1974? Point your browsers over to this website, and download the following tracks:

1. A Toot and a Snore
2. Bluesy Jam Session
3. Studio Talk
4. Lucille
5. Nightmares
6. Stand By Me
7. Stand By Me (take 2)
8. Stand By Me (take 3)
9. Medley: Cupid / Working on the Chain Gang / Take This Hammer

Before you rush off and add these to iTunes, I’ll warn you that the only track here that actually resembles a cohesive “song” is the three-part medley “Cupid / Working on the Chain Gang / Take This Hammer.”

In fact, after hearing this, I think you’ll understand why this little reunion never went anywhere. If nothing else, it’s an interesting piece of musical history.