New Old Song from U2

just stumbled across this on Popwatch:

The rough track was laid down during the Joshua Tree sessions circa ‘87, but the vocal wasn’t completed until “a few days ago,” Bono explains in the clip, whenever it was filmed… and, as of his pep talk here, the rest of the group hadn’t even heard the finished tune yet. The 1987-meets-2007 studio version, which boasts but one Bono vocal, is due next week on a two-CD deluxe reissue of The Joshua Tree. Here, on videotape, he discusses the trip he and wife Ali took to Ethiopia that inspired the lyric, asks whoever is filming him to start playback, and then sings along with himself… adding little interjections about the meaning of various lines, and references to what sounds like “the sowlms” (which I believe is Dublin-ese for the Psalms). It’s fun to know that occasionally, even two decades later, a band that still couldn’t find what it was looking for on a particular track can finally find some resolution.

I really like the idea of going back and finishing old songs like this.

Maybe this means there’s still hope for the band to go back and finish Pop the right way.

Merry Christmas, Zacky.