Cheap Milan

Guide To Finding Comfortable, Cheap Motels In Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy has a lot to offer a foreign tourist or a businessperson. If you want to visit this very popular, but highly populated, city then you will want to find a good place to stay. There are many different hostels for you to choose from, but if you are on a limited budget your options will be limited. This city offers a lavish lifestyle for those that have a lot of money in their bank accounts, but that is not to say that you cannot find a cheap hostel in this location. Be sure to find lodging, where you’ll be able to stay safe and get a good night’s sleep.

Honeymoon Or Anniversary

Of course, Italy is for lovers and so is the Hotel Berna. This lovely little hostel offers excellent service and a very affordable sleeping accommodation for a couple or a family. When you get thirsty there will be no need to leave your room, the small mini bar, which is totally free, is very delightful. The breakfast is amazing and is served by some very smiley staff members. This hostel is located in the perfect location for those that need to utilize public transportation, Central State and the metro station.

A Secret Little Hideaway

The Milan Suite Hotel is centered in a location that is hidden from the main part of the city and will only cost around 12 Euros each night, which is a killer deal. The staff is very friendly and helpful. This hostel is about a thirty-minute drive from Duomo, if you are planning on visiting this tourist site, you can easily hop the tram, which is just around the corner and within walking distance. These rooms are very clean and the bathroom is extra large and perfect for the lady in your group. You will fall to sleep in a matter of minutes and wake up feeling refreshed for your next adventure.

Great Hostel For The Shopper

Every tourist loves to shop Italian style and it is vital that you find a place to stay near the famous shopping malls. The Hotel Spadari al Duomo is the perfect place to stay if you plan on spending your money at the Falleria Vittorio Emanuele. It is hidden away from the bustling city and loud noises so that you will have no problems relaxing, during your stay. The staff is extra friendly and will serve you up a delicious piping hot breakfast right to your room. Free Wi-Fi is thrown in with this great deal and the only downside to this lovely hostel is it does not have a gym or spa.


As you can see by this article, it is absolutely possible for someone to comfortably and affordably stay in Milan, without being wealthy. The Italians know how to treat their guest and these cheap hostels will overwhelm you with pleasantries. Do a little more research, if these facilities are not within your budget, but it is guaranteed that you will have no problem finding a clean place to stay, while you are visiting this extraordinary country.