Embarrassing Stories about Paul Yerrick, Part 1

One of my best friends from high school, Mr. Paul Yerrick, is getting hitched on Saturday. So, to help spread the joy, I thought I would share some of my most embarrassing stories about Paul. Here’s Vol. 1.

A fair number of these may not make sense to you… but that’s probably for the best.

11th Grade: Mr. Foy’s chemistry class. Paul walks up to Miss Brown, the student teacher (who looks like this), wraps his arms around her, and starts making humping motions. She tells him that’s innappropriate, so Paul takes his seat.

11th Grade: Mr. Foy writes the word “Propanol” on the chalk board. Paul reads it out loud so everyone can hear him: “Prop-anal.” Mr. Foy points towards the door: “Paul, out in the hall.”

11th Grade: Eastern High School for a tennis match. Paul and I were playing against the worst doubles pair on the worst team in the league. Our opponents were both disabled (one mentally, one physically). Paul and I took several breaks in-between sets in an effort to convince ourselves that we needed to quit messing around and just win the match. We wound up losing in straight sets. We were the only doubles pair on our team to lose that day.

11th Grade: Paul and Brent Viele, disgussing Brent’s girlfriend at the time (keep in mind, these guys hated each other). Paul: “Brent, how exactly do you _____ _____ Jeri Adams?”

Round 2 tomorrow!